Discovering the State Archives of Venice

On Monday, after the keynote of the director Raffaelle Santoro, the students were guided into the State Archives of Venice by Giovanni Caniato to discover how the 80km of documents are organised in this 300 rooms building. They visited the digitisation center of the archive, and saw the scanners used for different typologies of documents (registry,  large maps of…


Visit of Palazzo Grimani

On Monday afternoon, Guarneri lead the visit of Palazzo Grimani. The history and the structure of the Palace were explained. Here are pictures showing the original emplacements of the statues from the Grimani collection now in San Marco at the Museo Statuario della Repubblica. And here are some more lively pictures :


A brief visit of the Ghetto

Today we visited the oldest synagogue in Venice, which was used by the Ashkenazi Jews coming from Germany. As we are in Venice, the interior is the same as in a traditional venetian palazzo. Before 1528, there wasn’t a permanent Jewish community residing in Venice, but in the following centuries this community reached the total…