Day 4

Less pictures that day, because of a program composed of lab works instead of talks or visits.   Following pictures by Myriam Pilutti Namer Group 1: Historical GIS of collections of works of art Group 3: 3D reconstruction of statues

Key dates for the Grimani story

This post is made based on the content of the talks of Lorenzo Calvelli and Cristiano Guarneri. Domenico Grimani (1461 – 1523) found many ancient statues while digging out while for building his own villa in Rome. Part of this collection is places in the his Venetian palace. 1505 Sanudo’s diary 16 March. Visit at…

Day 3

Morning presentations Isabella di Lenardo. Frédéric Kaplan. Valeria Vitale. Visit of Ca’ d’Oro, with Jan Rössler Inside Ca’ Sagredo And an old building (palazzo?) seen from the campo del lion bianco.  And more… Inside palazzio Grassi exhibition. Ca’ Foscari seen from palazzo Grassi.  And this is Andrea, digital humanist at heart.

Day 2

Gillian Crampton Smith on “The role of the interactive design” Visit at the Museo Archeologico Entrance through a back door Lorenzo Calvelli Grimani statues Do you recognise?

Day 1

Classroom & Ca’ Foscari Palazzo Grimani Ca’ Rezzonnico Campo Sant’Agnese & Consolato di Svizzera Miscellaneous… 

Visit of Palazzo Grimani

On Monday afternoon, Guarneri lead the visit of Palazzo Grimani. The history and the structure of the Palace were explained. Here are pictures showing the original emplacements of the statues from the Grimani collection now in San Marco at the Museo Statuario della Repubblica. And here are some more lively pictures :