Discovering the State Archives of Venice


On Monday, after the keynote of the director Raffaelle Santoro, the students were guided into the State Archives of Venice by Giovanni Caniato to discover how the 80km of documents are organised in this 300 rooms building. They visited the digitisation center of the archive, and saw the scanners used for different typologies of documents (registry,  large maps of the Napoleonic cadaster, etc.).

Franco Rossi gave a presentation on the logic and importance of testament series, and notarial acts in general. Them Fabio Bortolozzi, Giovanni Colavizza and Maud Ehrmann presented the main series that will be used for modelling Venice in 1740.

On Tuesday, after the hands-on workshop on the document scanned during the Venice Time Machine project, Giovanni Caniato and Paolo Benussi presented the digitization program for the Condizioni di Decima (Progetto “Decime 1514”). They explained how the tax declarations were documented and organised in the Dieci Savi alle Decime. Paola Benussi discussed in particular the normalisation processes for agreeing on standard ways for transcribing names (and more problematically surnames).

On Wednesday, Monica del Rio presented to the students the structure of the necrology series and their origins.


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