What happened in 1740

Frederick II comes to power in Prussia (May 31st)
Outbreak of Austrian War of Succession
Johann Sebastian Bach completed the second volume of the Well-Tempered Clavier
Bad harvests in France leading to huge grain imports
Émilie du Châtelet publishes Institutions de Physique, including a demonstration that the energy of a moving object is proportional to the square of its velocity (Ek = 1⁄2mv²).
Birth of Marquis de Sade, famous writer
Pope Benedict XIV succeeds Pope Clement XII
Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini became Pope Benedict XIV 
G. Tiepolo painted the ceiling of Palazzo Clerici, Milan.
Antonio Vivaldi stages his last concerts at the Pietà and resigns. (one year before his death)
Carlo Goldoni, Venetian playwright, writes Oronte, re de’ Sciti and Statira  
Birth of Giambattista Bodoni, famous type designer and soon after birth of modern type design 
The Riformatori dello Studio di Padova ban/censor the printing of popular canzone sung in the Venetian piazze 
Pietro Longhi painted many paintings like the “Painter in his studio”(http://blogs.getty.edu/iris/files/2011/10/longhi_painter_overall.jpg) which is now preserved in the Ca’Rezzonico, museo del Settecento in Venice.
Carlo Goldoni wrote a dramma per musica Gustavo primo re di Svezia 
Canaletto painted the View of San Marco 
25 May 1740: the theatre piece __Gustavo primo re di Svezia__ is represented for the first time at the Teatro San Samuele. Carlo Goldoni wrote the *libretto* for this opera piece. The theatre, owned by the Grimani family, was destroyed by a fire in 1747 and was then demolished in 1894.It was located between Campo San Samuele and Campo santo Stefano. 
Irish Famine of 1740 was estimated to have killed at least 38% of the 1740 population of 2.4 million people, a proportionately greater loss than during the worst years of the Great Famine of 1845–1852
Anton R. Mengs travels to Rome for complete his learning. 

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