3D imaging: art works displayed in Palazzo Grimani in 16th century

The 3D imaging and modelling is useful for digital reconstruction, remote fruition, educational purposes and conservation science in general.

The goal of our group was the 3D model reconstruction of four sculptures belonging to the Grimani collection and exhibited during the 16th century in Palazzo Grimani in Venice.

In order to obtain a good result with photogrammetry we have to consider some requirements: a range of 15-50 photos in 360° around the object, taken with a consistent distance from the target, in good light condition and with minimum overlap of the 50%.

We used Autodesk 123D catch and MeshLab to obtain 3D models; both softwares are available for free.

We reconstructed “Ara Grimani”, “Ulisse”, “Galata nell’atto di cadere”, “Galata in ginocchio” now conserved in the Archeological Museum of Venice.

We also carried out a brief bibliographical research in order to insert the statues in the correct position of the 16th century in the Tribuna of Palazzo Grimani.

Our group was composed by: Alberto Armellin, Maria Busatta, Stefania Coccato, Carla Garozzo, Roberta Lucentini, Giulia Ricci. Our tutor was Valeria Vitale from King’s college in London.



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