Group Work: Space and artworks

Our group focused on the study of the spaces and of the artworks that Giovanni Grimani commissioned and collected for his palace at Santa Maria Formosa.

We worked with ToBoA 3D (a collaborative notation and storytelling program created within KIIS at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice).

In the frame of one of the activities of the Digital Humanities Fall School, that is the combination of talks and on-site visits of the Palazzo Grimani by Cristiano Guarneri, we were asked to use the tools offered by ToBoA 3D to accomplish two tasks.

First we were invited to notate a 3D model on the possible reconstruction of the display of the statues in the Tribuna.

Second we were asked to create a story relating the functions of the different rooms in the palace and the relevance of their decoration.

In order to develop a coherent project we decided to synthesize (SINthesais) the two tasks and work on two different stories based on the 3D model of Palazzo Grimani.

The first story navigates the model paying special attention to the public rooms leading to the Tribuna, while the second focuses on the Tribuna itself as well as on the Grimani collection of statues and its presentation.

Experimenting with the tools offered by ToBoA we could annotate the 3D model with text, photographs, videos and hypertextual links.

In doing so we addressed an interdisciplinary audience of educated adults such as those of the Digital Humanities Venice Fall School.

In addition to an approach which combines IT and humanistic knowledge, we decided to practice the performance skills necessary for all young academics to survive and thrive in today’s interdisciplinary academic environment.

Screenshot 2014-10-10 15.19.39group4

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