Fabio Pittarello – Web 3D Representation and Cultural Heritage: from Annotations to Narrations

This talk took place at Ca’ Foscari, sala Dorigo, 11.40am.

You can find the slides for the complete presentation here [11.5 MB].

Outline :

  • Why annotating 3d worlds
  • annotating the hyper textual web
  • 3d annotation: available literature
  • toboa3d mark i – navigation, search and annotation modules
  • why storytelling for annotated 3d spaces ?
  • toboa3d mar ii – storytelling modules
  • application to cultural heritage scenarios
  • an educational story

Why annotating 3d worlds ?

A lot of 3d worlds on the web, in most cases represented by low-level geometric objects with an implicit semantics.
Having only images make the website invisible for search engines (and useless for blind people).

Annotating the hyper textual web

The web today has many websites using various ontologies.
The second generation of the web, today, uses tagging, online participation.
“Ontology-based systems” as well as “participative systems” have advantages and drawbacks (resp. “coherence vs. not using user own criteria”, and “corresponds to the user language vs. informational noise”).

3d annotation: available literature

2003 : MPEG-7 (Halabala) (Mansouri, 2005) (Bilasco et al., 2005))
2006 : X3D (Pittarello et al.)
2008 : CityGML
2009 : Collada (Havemann et al.)
2009 : Collada and CIDOC-CRM (Rodriguez-Echavarria et al.)

toboa3d mark I – navigation, search and annotation modules

“Proposal of a web-based specification, software architecture and set of interfaces for annotating and browsing 3D worlds for the net.”
Based on existing web standards.
ToBoA-3D is based on X3D ISO specification, derived from XrML.
Needs: defining an ontology, support for folksonomies.
Because of a tight schedule, at that point the presentation is shortened and does not include the complete outline. Pittarello then makes a live demonstration of the ToBoA-3D tool.


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