Crampton Smith on interactive design for museum

On Tuesday morning, Gillian Crampton Smith discussed interactive design for museum.

She started by presenting what is interactive design, showing example of design of everyday objects. Things must “explain themselves”. Based on her own experience working with musems, she reviewed critically the different devices currently used in museum (audioguides, etc.) She explained that audioguides should not describe artefacts but more act like a “friend”, commenting the exhibit for you. As a good example, she presented the installation done in the Gold museum in Bogotà. One room in this museum is presenting the artefacts in circular way, like a stage in a very engaging way.


In a second example she discussed the case of the projection systems used in the London Transport Museum


What a Museum for ? Learning ? Crampton Smith argued that Museum are not just for learning, but should also, in some cases, generate enthusiasm, wonder, awe, curiosity, She also argued that not museum are the same.

She discussed the installation Luckybite at the Science Museum in London


.. and the Floating numbers installation at the Jewish Museum in Berlin


floating.numbers Jewish Museum Berlin, 2004 from ART+COM on Vimeo.

She presented the case of Lifeline table at The Churchill War Rooms (Small Studio USA), an interesting case of navigation interface allowing to go both in depth or to get a general overview.


Churchill Lifeline Table – London, United Kingdom, 2005 from Small Design Firm on Vimeo.

A the National Gallery, an interaction system was used to example constable painting techniques


Constable – Tate Britain from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo.


She presented the interesting interactive installation of the Cleveland Art Museum (Local Projects)

Overall Montage, Gallery One/Cleveland Museum of Art from Local Projects on Vimeo.

And the “Strike A Pose” installation

Sculpture Lens – Strike A Pose – Cleveland Museum of Art from Local Projects on Vimeo.




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