Rössler on Venetian Palaces (1400-1700)

Rössler gave a general overview of the evolution and typologies of Venetian palaces. He started his presentation with a discussion of the structure of the Ca d’Oro Palace. He explained that we have to go back the 13th century to understand the structure of this building. Based on his research in the State Archive in Venice, Rössler reconstructed the genealogy of the Ca d’Oro owners, the Zen family in order to understand the origin of the palace. He found in the archive a testament of 1393 that allows to reconstruct the original structure of the building. Rössler showed how the ground floor reused refurbished Byzantine material and discussed various hypotheses about the Ca d’Oro facade. He also explained that movable windows existed at that time (cf Bellini Miracle of the cross).


To discuss the structure of the piano nobile, Rössler compared the Ca d’Oro and the Palazzo Pisani. Then he discussed the structure of Palazzo Priuli San Severo, in particular the forms of the arches (very different on the two floors).


He discussed the structure and typologies of other palaces. Please click on each Palazzo to reach the corresponding page in the database on his website:

– Palazzo Giustiniani.

Palazzo Corner San Polo

Palazzo Barbargio della Terrazza


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